Very Cool Responses on Why We Collect

Wow! I had no idea I was opening up such a – well, I can’t say “can of worms” – rather, such a special bag of delicious goodies when I posed the question of “Why the heck do we collect?” Over on Etsy an enthusiastic discussion has been taking place this afternoon within the Forums on this topic – see here (though you may need to sign up if you’re not a member already) – with some amazing, thoughtful, and downright beautiful responses to this question. 

One of the members pointed me to the StuffDoesMatter website, which focuses on our relationships with our belongings. In the blog, A Spoon is More Than a Spoon, metalsmith Megan Auman addresses the great importance we attach to meaningful objects and how they help to shape our lives. I really loved this – in effect, she feels that our stuff impacts who we are, how we experience the world, and, in some small way, it connects us to others. 

Read her blog and see what you think. 


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