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Famous People – Not So Famous Collections

Celebrities are no more immune to the collecting bug than anyone else, and of course many of them are wealthy enough to really indulge themselves. I’m not so sure how I feel about this – I’m one of those who enjoys the thrill of the hunt. It seems as though having enough money to literally buy anything you want might take some of the edge off. However, many of these celebrities would apparently not agree!

Take Quentin Tarantino, for example, most recently the Oscar-winning writer of Django Unchained. The man behind the classic but violent Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs amuses himself far more sedately when not on the set – he collects old board games. His favorites are apparently those merchandised from old TV shows, such as The Dukes of Hazzard.

Now actor Tom Hanks has an interesting taste – he collects old typewriters. He says he loves the permanency of the typed word. He buys the old machines from all over the world; must cost the earth in shipping, too.

And people still collect stamps. My father was an avid stamp collector – his collection was large, though not particularly valuable. But it’s now a hobby more women are indulging in, such as tennis player Maria Sharapova. Her goal is to collect stamps from every place she goes. She is joined in her habit by British pop singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. However, Ms. Sharapova has admitted that perhaps she should not have publicly confessed to this type of collecting – she was quoted as saying “everyone started calling me a dork.” Not to worry, Maria. We get it.

Then there’s MTV host Alexa Chung, who claims to collect dead things, i.e., taxidermied animals. Despite being a vegetarian, she apparently has no qualms about killing animals for non-food-related reasons.

Demi Moore and her dolls, Ozzy Osbourne and his Beatles memorabilia, Nicolas Cage and Jonathan Ross with their comic books, Teddy bear collectors Dame Judi Dench and Elton John – the list goes on. Sir Michael Caine with his houseful of art nouveau seems effete by comparison.

I once met a woman who collected farrier’s tools for shoeing horses. It sounds a little unusual until you learn that she had longed to be a blacksmith when she was a child.

There’s always a reason.


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